Business Model - Auto LPG

Goal Auto Gas company will import/produce/buy AutoLPG and store the same in storage terminals. From the terminals, the LPG is transported through tanker trucks and stored at the state inland storage/manufacturing plants. The entire distribution operation will be computerized in due course and the entire operation will be carried out with Hi technology. This software will be installed in every ALDS and will be connected with telecommunication network. The stock position of every ALDS will be automatically reported at the central system. This will enable the company to provide world-class automated service to its clients at appropriate time.

Profitability of franchisee

We have designed different type of ALDS which can be selected based on the market potential Viability and technical requirement in that area. The time required to complete the project with all approvals including commissioning will be 90/120 days. The station will start earning from the day one and the investment can be recovered within 30 months with a steady income to bear the interest, overheads, etc. apart from profit. Whereas the installed capacity of the ALDS is about 12,000 liters per day. The optimum level is rated at 8,000 liters per day. And when this is exceeded, steady growth is achieved fastly, thereafter minimizing the period of recovering the investment.

Financial arrangements

The company will assist the Franchisees/Operators in getting the financial assistance from institutions by preparing the project reports and projections. This will facilitate other banks to have an easy clearance of financial assistance to our franchisees.

Special features of Goal Gas
  • Higher margin to the Franchisees/Dealers.
  • Best technology and equipment.
  • Assistance in finance arrangement.
  • Training to operators.
  • Commissioning within 90/120 days.
  • ALDS all over the country.
  • Best logistics planning.
  • Lesser investment.
  • Cordial contacts.
  • Prompt after sales service.
Statutory approvals required for an ALDS
  • CCOE approval and licensing.
  • Approvals from District Magistrate/Collector.
  • Agreement from NHA if the land is on National Highway.

The future fuel is Auto Gas only. Fuel business will never diminish. As the Auto Gas business is promising good returns, enterprising businessmen can venture into the horizon and grow with the growing concern.